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What Not To Eat When Losing Weight

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What Not To Eat When Losing WeightMany people out there struggle with losing weight and in most cases, weight gain is caused by the type of food they eat every day. Weight loss experts do not support a diet approach when it comes to losing weight but research has shown that there are some foods that can give you a hard time when losing weight. The problem is that the list of foods I’m about to advise you against are what you would consider irresistible.

What not to eat when losing weight

The first one on the list of what not to eat when losing weight is

Fried Chicken

Just the mention of fried chicken can get your taste buds acting up. But one thing many people don’t know is that fried chicken contains lots of calories coming from the cooking oil used for cooking it. The best option if you want to avoid the extra calories, cook the fried chicken using a different method that doesn’t involve dipping in oil.


If you’re hitting the gym, going for jogs, doing yoga or using any other technique to lose weight, beware of fried snacks. The sweet snacks that we all love can be a negative factor while trying to lose weight. Take for example potato chips; they happen to contain a high amount of fat due to frying in oil. Such snacks if eaten in small quantities may not harm you but eating lots of it will definitely put you in a bad place.

Salad Creams and Mayonnaise

Taking Salad is a good way to get some protein, but using high amounts will be disastrous. Mayonnaise itself contains a lot of calories and fat. Please do not use high amounts of dressing in your salad if you plan on losing some weight. These foods work against all your efforts to burn Fat because they directly add fat to your body.

Ice Cream

The ladies may not like this one, but ice taking cream is a big NO when you’re working hard to lose some extra pounds. Just a scoop of chocolate or ice cream contains 380 calories. So do the math, if your gym instructor is always asking you to burn more calories why should go ahead and continue adding more calories in your diet. As far as sweet delicacies are concerned you can go for fruit desserts and avoid the fancy chocolate and ice cream.

Beverages with Sugar

Take note of all the sweet beverages in-store and avoid them. Most of them contain products from ice cream and some are flavoured with sugary stuff. Some drinks may contain more than 150 calories per 12 ounces. Drinking is easier than eating so you may end up taking too much and work against your weight loss efforts. If you’re looking to hydrate yourself after working out, energy drinks are a big no, just go for pure water.

Sweet Alcoholics Drinks

Many are times your workmates go out for a cocktail party. Once invited, the only thing is to enjoy the party. Be warned that all the sweet drinks that are placed on the table and offered free will add your calorie intake. Take small quantities if you have to or go for fruit juices instead.

Cheese and Fries

Everyone loves cheese and French fries. But these kinds of foods have never been a good booster for our health. They have lots of calories and fat coming from the oil used to deep fry them. If you must eat them take only small quantities.

Fast foods

It’s always tempting while walking down the street; you get all sorts of fast foods lined up. This includes hotdogs, sausages and other fancy tasting stuff. And the bad thing is that fast food snacks are everywhere. Research has shown that many people gain weight from the habitual use of fast foods. Some are deep-fried, others are laced with fatty stuff and some contain lots of sugar. All these are recipes for adding weight.

Meat high in Fat and Barbecue

Last but not least is the fatty meat and the well-prepared barbecue that we all can’t resist. They contain a lot of fat and its pure logic not to consume fat if you’re trying to lose some. Research shows that fatty meat is the primary reason for most people becoming overweight. It’s really important to avoid them and go for meat like broiled chicken instead of beef and pork.

It is simple really focus on what not to eat when losing weight.  It can make all the difference in your weight-loss battles.

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