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How to Peel, Pit, and Dice an Avocado

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peel an avocadoAvocados are the newest fad for diets, surely you’ve head of smashed avo and toast.   Anyone that is serious about their food, would have struggled to peel, pit and dice an Avocado.

So here’s the best way we’ve found to peel, pit and dice and avocado :

There are at least two ways to peel, seed, and dice an avocado.

  • Use the first when you want large pieces of avocado.
  • Use the second when you need smaller dice.

However, whichever method you use, squeeze fresh lime juice over the cut avocado to keep it from browning.

To cut large pieces:

Using the tip of your knife, make four shallow lengthwise slits evenly spaced around the avocado from end to end. Pinching one corner of one section of the peel between the knife blade and your thumb, gently pull it away from the avocado—almost like peeling a banana.

Repeat to remove all four sections of the skin. Cut the flesh off the pit in lengthwise strips. To cut small pieces: Cut the avocado in half lengthwise with a single cut to the seed, rotating the avocado 360° while cutting.

Twist the halves in opposite directions:

The pit will pop out of one half. Sink the blade into the pit with a flick of the knife.

Gently rotate the knife:

The pit will pop out completely. Carefully remove the pit from the tip of your knife.

Now Dice It:

Using the tip of the knife, make a series of cuts through the avocado flesh too, but not through, the skin.

The cuts should be parallel and spaced ½ inch apart. Make another series of cuts at a 90-degree angle to the first. Use a spoon to scrape the avocado out of the skin: The flesh will come out in neat dice.

Avocados are a very healthy addition to any diet.

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