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How to Create A Paleo Shopping List

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I need to say this one upfront, I hate shopping, and I mean passionately.  It doesn’t really matter what type of shopping, clothes, gift shopping or food. It’s a difficult thing for me to plan and do, I’m busy, just like everyone else.  So to be able to stick to my Paleo diet, and plan a Paleo Shopping list, every week took a bit of getting used to. I found the following tips helpful :

Paleo shopping list

5 Tips for creating a Paleo Shopping List that Works

1. Timing

I actually try to plan my shopping trips to be about the same time every week; I try to do at least one on a Wednesday after work, so I am at the shops about 5.30pm. Then a bigger shop on a Saturday morning at about 10 am, just as the shops open. That way I am missing the crazy crowds, that usually annoy me.

2. Know where your shops are

If you live in a major city, usually no problem, the large shopping centres, will have a supermarket in it, that should have everything you need in it. But if you live in a small town, that could be a little harder. Usually, with most supermarkets, the ingredients you will want are on the outside aisles. It’s usually the inner shelves and aisle that will have most of the processed foods you should keep away from.

Tip – Make sure you know where the natural food store is, if your local big supermarket doesn’t have the more exotic ingredients that you want, the natural food store will.

3. Planning your weekly meals

Now, most paleo cookbooks you will buy will have a food planner in it. However, you might not be a fan of some of the things. Then all you do is just take out what you don’t like and add in what you do, then work out what ingredients are needed for each meal, make a list and go to the shops and buy what you need. How easy is that to create your paleo shopping list.

Tip – As I wrote above I tend to shop twice a week, So I plan what I eat a few days at a time.

4. Leftovers

Even with shopping twice a week, I make use of leftovers. If I cook a nice Chicken curry the night before, I make enough for a few extra meals, So I might take in for lunch the next day. As well as a couple of dinner meals for when I don’t feel like cooking.

5. Veggie and Herb garden

If you have space for it at home, You can also start you own paleo-friendly garden, A couple of weekends work, and you will have herbs and vegetables that you can use in your own Paleo recipes, it also cuts down on the cost of shopping for some things.

That’s it, the nuts and bolts of how I make a Paleo shopping list, so I can minimize the time I spend shopping. Being on a Paleo Diet is absolutely worth it, I feel better, I have much more energy and I’ve lost weight. But for me to stay on it, I need to make it as easy for my lifestyle as possible.

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