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Buying Your First Paleo Cookbook

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By now you should know what a Paleo Diet is.  If you don’t you can read this CLICK HERE.  If you are serious about the Paleo lifestyle, you are going to want to buy a couple of Paleo cook books. We wanted to share what we found when we bought our first Paleo Cookbook.

Buying your first Paleo Cookbook

There are plenty of Paleo diet cookbooks out there. For us, we wanted to know a little about out WHO was behind the Paleo Cookbooks, before we bought them.

Paleo Diet Solution   team has taken the time, to compile all the recipes that they have some 369 paleo recipes,  into a pretty easy to follow book.

They have also included plenty of extras within the price as well.

Honestly we are not sure if this is Paleo Diet Solutions teams only product. But we really think they’ve complied a great product.

It did take a little while to realize some of the benefits that being on a Paleo diet could give, such as:

• Increased Energy
• Clearer, Smoother Skin
• Weight Loss Results
• Better Performance and Recovery
• Stronger Immune System

Paleo Cookbook

Basically these Paleo Cookbooks are a total collection of hundreds of their favorite Paleo recipes.  The diet solution team have been able to include :

ο 369 Different recipe
ο Special Recipe Categories (hey there is chocolate in this one)
ο Very easy to follow Paleo Recipes ( I am not the best cook)
ο A Measurement Conversion Table
ο A really helpful getting started paleo guide (I struggled with this the most)
ο A decent eating out guide, It’s hard to still follow a diet when you are out socializing
ο Junk Food Destroyer – We used this one for the first few weeks.
ο Paleo Lifestyle Cheat Sheet
ο A stack of recipes

There is plenty more they have added in.  So we think that’s a heap of value for $47.95 (Currently discounted to $12.95) if you are looking for your first Paleo Cookbook., want to know more, Click Here to go straight to the Paleo Diet Solutions site.

If you are looking for something specific in a Paleo Cookbook, heep in mind there are a ton of [easyazon_link identifier=”1628600004″ locale=”US” tag=”dietweb-20″]Paleo Cookbooks[/easyazon_link] out there to chose from.  Take your time and do the research.

After a while you will know enough to want to experiment with your Paleo Cooking.

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