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Mediterranean Wrap

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Mediterranean WrapGetting a decent healthy lunch can be a hard thing to do these days with people being so busy.  That’s why recommend preparing the night before and packing yummy tasting wraps like this Mediterranean wrap recipe.  These work great for the kid’s lunch boxes as well.

Mediterranean wrap recipe


1 large wholemeal tortilla
2 tablespoon hummus
A few roasted red capsicum strips
4 slices roast turkey breast
Baby Spinach
1 avocado, chopped
Mint Leaves and Mango Pieces (optional)


1. Lay the tortilla flat on a chopping board. Spoon the hummus evenly over it.

2. Layer on the other ingredients.

3. Roll up the bottom then fold in the sides to form a wrap. Cut Diagonally in half for that fancy look.

Makes 2 wraps

Are wraps really healthy

Even though the average tortilla wrap has 149 calories (without fillings).  It has similar calorie content to two regular slices of white bread at 158 calories.  There is still plenty of reason add wraps to your diet.

There is no diet secret here, the only way to decide on a sandwich versus a wrap? You have to read the nutrition facts label.  You have to weigh up the nutrition facts before ordering or making one.  It is either on the packet or you can look them up online. Just compare options like serving size, calories, total carbohydrates, and total fibre.

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