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3 Tips for Storage Ideas for Keeping It Fresh In the Kitchen

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kitchen storage ideasThere is nothing worse than spending lots of money at the supermarket on fresh goods, then having to throw them out because they have spoiled.  We like spending time in the kitchen and have worked out the best ways to store things.  Here are three very simple tips for kitchen storage ideas that really can help keep it fresh longer in the kitchen:

3 Simple kitchen storage ideas

These are just three of the simple things we learned to store to get maximum shelf life.

Maple syrup

Stow pure maple syrup in the freezer.  It won’t actually freeze, because of the high sugar content.


Pop your jar of mayonnaise in the fridge door.  It can get too cold and separate out in the main part.


Keep pesto fresh and green by pouring a thin layer of olive oil on top before storing it.

There are so many amazing storage container ideas out there for you to explore in the kitchen.  You don’t have to keep throwing produce and things you made out, just find a storage idea that works for you.  Not only will you be saving your money, but you will actually have fresh-tasting produce that lasts a lot longer.

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