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How To Crumb Anything

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how to crumb anythingCrumbing is a fantastic addition to so many recipes.  Its something although really popular is something that so many people get wrong.  A bad crumb mixture and process can destroy even a simple recipe.  We wanted to help you by giving you three simple tips to learn how to crumb anything.

How to crumb anything

1. Dust – If you’re using chicken.  Make sure you pound the chicken between the pieces of plastic food wrap. Dust in flour, one by one to coat both sides. Shake off any excess flour.

2. Dip – pieces into the egg, one by one, to coat completely.  Make sure you allow any excess to drip off.

3. Press – Both sides into crumb mixture. Place on a plate. Cover with plastic food wrap: chill for 10 minutes.

That’s it, so simple and easy to do.  If you wanted to elevate your crumb mixture, you can try adding mixed herbs or parmesan cheese.  Both are really tasty additions to any crumb mixture.

Types of crumbs you can use

You have a lot more choice with bread crumb recipes then you think.

Fresh toasted

Pop a couple of pieces of your favourite bread into a toaster, and you can make your own “nice and crunchy” topping.  Also a great addition into a Caesar salad

Fresh (untoasted)

Sometimes fresh bread crumbs can be too soft for coatings.  But make great binding materials, for things like meatloaf.


These large, flaky crumbs are perfect when you want big crunch.

Plain packaged

Store-bought plain packaged crumbs can be described as “stale” and “sandy,”.  But sometimes easy convenience wins out.

Italian packaged

Don’t be confused Italian bread crumbs are just plain bread crumbs with seasoning added.  You can just use regular bread crumbs with Italian seasonings like oregano and basil.

That’s it, really simple tips for how to crumb anything, as well as the types of bread crumbs you can use in just about any recipe.

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