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Healthy Tips for Eating Out

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healthy tips for eating outEvery now and then, we have to eat out, it might be a meal out with friends or family, maybe you are travelling. Whatever the reason, it no reason to break your healthy diet habits.  Eating out is an important part of life, it doesn’t have to be hard to eat out and still eat healthily.  Here are the best healthy tips for eating out that we have.

Healthy tips for eating out


When you eat out, there isn’t always the same variety for breakfast as you have available at home.  However, following some simple guidelines, will make it easier to keep on track with your goal of losing those unwanted kilos.

  • Avoid having fruit juice, even if it is included in the cost of the meal. Request it to be replaced with water or milk.
  • Try not to be tempted by the offer of pastries. Plain croissants are acceptable, with a little butter on them and maybe be accompanied with a poached egg.
  • Do not order any cereal except oats.
  • Above all don’t add sugar to anything.
  • Avoid James and spreads.
  • Do not order fruit toast as it is full of sugar.
  • No pancakes, unless they are guaranteed to be weight watcher style.
  • Have as much grilled bacon, eggs, hash browns, toast, butter, tomatoes, mushrooms, steak and lean sausages as you desire.
  • Drink plenty of water and have any amount of tea, but keep coffee to a minimum as it’s very toxic for your liver.

 Lunch and dinner

At most restraints, there are healthy choices on the menu. One thing to avoid of course is the dessert menu. Most quality places will offer a cheese platter and this is far more acceptable than dessert.  If having a drink, try ordering low-sugar alcohol, such as red wine or just stick to mineral water if you aren’t sure what is going to be best for you.

One thing to look out for on the menu is mayonnaise, unless it’s a guaranteed whole-egg full fat mayo, give it a miss.

Helping children avoid sugar

Unfortunately with modern technology having so many devices available for children, it’s causing a problem with their weight. They are sitting around playing games on a tablet or game console and not getting out in the fresh air exercising. So to counteract some of the problems be sure to:

Have the house a sugar free zone. If you stand firm on this the children will soon get used to the rule and accept that is how they are going to live their life.

When making school lunched, be mindful to keep it healthy and sugar-free.

Above all don’t ban the tuckshop, as they will set them on a rebellious path. They may at the time, select the wrong choice in your opinion, but don’t make a big deal out of it. Banning anything only makes it more attractive. Just help them get back on track as soon as possible.

Sometimes our children crumble under peer pressure and demand the same food as their mates. Check out what they want to eat and if it’s not in your healthy menu, have a go at making a healthy alternative of the desired item.

It’s easy to reward our children with food. Just remember that food is a fuel, not a reward, so find an alternative reward.

You can’t expect children never to taste sugar, as they will inevitably go to a party where there is an abundance of food that they don’t normally have. But keep the faith, chances are they may find that food far too sweet for them as they won’t be used to it.

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