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A Simple Healthy Diet Guide To Help You Feel Better

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Anyone that has spent time looking through our site, knows that we believe that eating healthy doesn’t have to taste disgusting and it doesn’t need to be hard work, with a little bit of planning you can eat food that tastes great and is also going to make you feel better.  We wanted to take the time to look at a very simple healthy diet guide, so here we go :

eating a healthy diet guide


A Simple Healthy Diet Guide

Get Rid of the Junk Food in Your house.  Yep, way back if you checked our fridge or cupboards, you would have seen bottles of coke, bags of chips and packets of lollies.

If you want to shift your lifestyle into something healthier, get rid of the junk food.

Look its so simple, being healthy means cut out the junk.  The odd bit of pizza or a slice of chocolate cake is fine.  But DO NOT stock up on rubbish, get it out of your house.  Its simply removing temptation.

Shop on a full stomach

This little trick goes hand in hand with the first tip.  If you shop on a full stomach there is less chance that you will want to buy the candy bars that Supermarkets love to have at the cash register, if you are already full.

Plan your meals

We are all busy, a great way to stay on a healthy diet is to plan ahead and cook your meals all at once.

The planning bit is easy (check out our recipes) and plan your meals for a week, when you go shopping, buy the food you need and then spend the time cooking all your meals for the week ahead.  If you have a young family, get your kids involved.  They will love being involved planning and cooking food for the week.

Stick to the five major food groups

If you can remember basic home-economics classes from school. You will remember that the five food groups are:

  • vegetables and legumes/beans
  • fruit
  • lean meats and poultry, fish, eggs, tofu, nuts and seeds, legumes/beans
  • grain (cereal) foods, mostly wholegrain and/or high cereal fibre varieties
  • milk, yoghurt, cheese and/or alternatives, mostly reduced fat.

healthy diet guide

When you do your meal planning for the week head plan your meals around the 5 basic food groups.  We have lots of recipes that you can choose from.

Drink plenty of Water

Drink 8 – 10 large glasses of water a day.  If you are working outside in the heat, you could double that with out much problem at all.  You need to stay hydrated, it’s a big part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What about a lifestyle diet ?

Well this is more of a healthy diet guide and less of a specific diet.  Paleo Diets, Ketogenic diets, there are so many great life style diets out there.

If you are starting out, stick to the simple KISS process of KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID.  When you go food shopping, just stick to the 5 basic  buy healthy foods groups.

As you get your head around eating healthy, then sure try a lifestyle diet. You might be surprised with what you find that you enjoy and like.

Just remember that we all have choices. Eating healthy is a simple one so use these tips as a healthy diet guide if you are starting out. Choose the simple things :

  • Eat a piece of fruit you are wanting a snack, DON’T eat a chocolate bar.
  • Plan your meals ahead, if you already have a healthy meal prepped it will make it easier to stay healthy then getting McDonalds.
  • Eat simple – Stick to the 5 main food groups and eat plenty.
  • Funny to say in a diet site, but exercise. – Go for a walk, enjoy the sunshine.

Trust us when we say, the more you do it, the easier it will get for you. We hope you can stick to the simple healthy diet guide, it really can make life more enjoyable and fun, when you have energy.

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