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6  Ways To Beat Belly Fat

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Are you seeking ways to get rid of the belly fat that troubles more than half of the population in the world? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be listing 6 effective, science-proven ways of getting rid of that fat stored around your midsection.

What Is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is a special type of fat classified as visceral fat that is found below the muscles in the stomach. Visceral fat, in excess, can easily pose multiple health risks to the individual such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

While it is known as belly or stomach fat, it does not sit idle in the stomach as it gets into the bloodstream and negatively impact various organs within the body.

Its impact on the whole body is triggered by the excessive production of hormones and chemicals which deteriorate the organs in the body.

An easy way of checking for excess belly fat is to make use of a measuring tape at home. Place the measuring tape snugly on your bare stomach directly above your hip bone; measure the width of your stomach.

A measurement of 35 inches and above is unhealthy for women, while that of men is above 40 inches. If your measurements rank as unhealthy, then it’s probably time for you to start battling the belly fat.

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Probable reasons you have belly fat

  1. You’ve Gotten Older

    The older you get, the more susceptible your body is to storing fat in unwanted places. This is why it becomes more important to watch what you eat as you grow, and to only indulge in healthy fats.

  2. You’re Eating Wrong

    Processed foods, bad fat, eating late at night are all the required recipes for developing belly fat. When you prescribe to this lifestyle developing belly fat is inevitable unless you have really great genes to prevent this. Even so, no gene can protect you from developing belly fat from eating right before you go to bed.

  3. Inadequate Exercise

    Have you been hard at work in the gym, and still can’t see an improvement in your body’s belly fat content? Well, this is likely due to the fact that you’re doing the wrong exercises, or not exercising hard enough. When working out to lose weight, you have to push your body to burn more fat than you consume daily.

    So, if you want to lose belly fat workout your stomach muscles and core to the limit to achieve your aim. If you’re not sure your exercises are helping you burn fat, then consult a personal trainer to recommend some effective exercises for you.

How To Beat Belly Fat

  1. Eat Right

    If you’re not eating healthy, then your body cannot be at its best. This results in excess body fat, fatigue and inconsistent energy levels. When you eat right, you limit the amount of bad fats and unhealthy carbs that get into your body to form belly fat. So, eat lots of low-carb vegetables, protein, healthy fats and a healthy amount of carbs daily.

  2. Don’t Eat Late At Night

    Eating late at night is not healthy. This is because you’re likely to go to bed before the food has been digested, and the energy it provides is expended. When your body has excess energy supply from food, and can easily allocate some of the fat to your stomach.

  3. Avoid Sugary Foods

    Sugary foods and beverages contain a type of sugar called fructose which is associated with various diseases like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. Studies also show a link between sugary food consumption and the development of belly fat. Summarily, if you want to lose the belly fat, drop the sweets.

  4. Exercise

    Of course, the most recommended way to lose unwanted fat: exercise. Incorporate exercises like cardio and resistance weightlifting are very effective in working your stomach muscles, and thus reducing the amount of belly fat there.

  5. You’re Eating The Wrong Fats

    It’s very easy to eat the wrong fats these days.  As there is no tag that comes to help you distinguish between the right and wrong types of fat.

    Basically, there are two main types of fat.  Omega 6 fatty acid which is a type of fat that could cause various health problems if taken in excess. While omega 3 fatty acid is the right type of fat that provides multiple benefits for your body and builds up your body as opposed to breaking it down.

  6. Change Your Lifestyle

    While it will help to follow on to two.  If you want real results, then follow them all. This is not an easy feat and requires a whole lifestyle overhaul but it is well worth it. You get to live healthier, longer and better and without and unwanted fat!

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