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Barbecued corn with Miso butter

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Barbecue corn with Miso ButterOne of the summer’s great pleasures is eating sweet, fresh corn. That pleasure can be intensified threefold by the transformative powers of the barbecue, which teases out every last milligram of natural sugar locked inside those kernels. Check out this barbecued corn with Miso butter recipe, it’s a simple and easy recipe to cook.

Remember: just like meat or fish, fresh corn can be overcooked, changing from sweet and juicy to dry and chewy in a flash.

Barbecued corn with Miso butter recipe

You can cut the risk substantially by allowing the corn to steam inside its husk on the barbecue first. Then peel and return it to the heat for a brief hit of char.


4 ears corn
1/4 cup butter, softened at room temperature
1/4 cup white miso


1. Peel the husks back, but make sure they remain attached to the bases of the cobs. Remove the silk inside. Recover the corn with the husks and soak them in cold water for five minutes before cooking.

2. Make the miso butter: mix together the butter and miso until they form a uniform spread. Ser aside.

3. Preheat the barbecue on medium. Barbecue on medium. Barbecue the corn for 10 minutes, rotating the ears a quarter turn every few minutes (the corn will steam in the husks). Then peel back the husks and place the corn back on the barbecue.

Cook by turning the cobs occasionally until the kernels are nicely browned in spots.  It should only take about five minutes in total. Transfer the corn to a platter and slather each cob with the miso butter before serving.

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